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Drones Recovery System

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The DRS was developed to be able to recover Drones / Multicopters / UAV’s and UAS in case of emergencies or during normal operation. During flight a Drone or other type of UAV can suffer a flight anomaly, loose contact, experience a battery failure or become totally uncontrollable by a failure or an outside signal. In that case the drone will crash uncontrollable, leading to the loss of the vehicle and all Instruments it carries. Using a DRS however that can be actuated by the pilot or through using a stand-alone system that detects that the Drone is in an emergency, can facilitate for a safe landing with minor damage to the Drone and the surroundings. Depending on type of DRS, our systems can safely recover from altitudes around 10 to 15 meters above ground level. The DRS can be retrofitted on any kind of drone. Our basic DRS line of products ranges from 1 kg up to 50 kg, and in combinations they can safely recover Drones up to a weight of 150 kg. Our basic systems can be adjusted to the specifications of your Drone, or we can develop a system to your specifications.

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